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"A house is made of walls and beams;

 A home is built with love and dreams"


You're One Step Closer To Your New Home!

I know moving is hard. The uncertainty around your new home, neighborhood, potential new social life and community can be a bit overwhelming especially if you're relocating from out of town. I have been there.


Years ago, I was faced with the tough decision of leaving everything I was comfortable with and moving. My husband had new work opportunities in the tech world and was so excited to tackle on the next step in his career however this opportunity was in California. The born and raised coastal Connecticut, Lobster Roll obsessed, Jets fan and New England weather loving girl in me was not quite sure what to make of all the sudden changes happening so quickly.

While I wanted to support my husband's decision and career, I missed home terribly. Once we moved into our new, and overpriced apartment in downtown San Francisco, I couldn't help but feel lonely and without a place or any knowledge of the community. I did not know where to begin, nail salon to visit or which bar served the best margaritas. I am hoping to create a blog of resources for anyone moving to Stamford or nearby towns. If I am able to help just one person from feeling deserted in a new city, I will feel accomplished in my goal. Please stay tuned for information, tips and recommendations on where to begin in a new city!

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